Lessons learned from using Azure VMs

Now that Windows Azure IaaS is now generally available, Nuno from partner Aditi, has provided a list of lessons learned from using Azure VMs.

  1. Place each data disk in a single storage account to improve IOPS;
  2. Always use Data Disks for Read/Write intensive operations, never the OS Disk;
  3. Use striped disks to achieve better performance;
  4. Configure Data Disks HostCache for ReadWrite;
  5. Always create VMs inside a Affinity Group or VNET to decrease latency;
  6. Always leverage Availability Sets to get SLA;
  7. Always sysprep your machines;
  8. Never place intensive read/write information on the Windows System Drive for improved performance;
  9. Never place persistent information on the Temporary Drive (D:).

Visit Nuno’s blog for more detail: http://blog.aditi.com/cloud/windows-azure-virtual-machines-lessons-learned/

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